Board Responsibilities

Members of the UM Alumni Association Board of Directors receive tremendous personal and professional satisfaction by giving of themselves to their alma mater and to fellow alumni.  Board members will be recognized in the Montanan magazine, the Alumni website and through other relevant venues as much as possible.

In accepting the three-year appointment, Board members agree to fulfill the responsibilities associated with Board membership:

  • Regular attendance at the Board meetings.

  • Attendance at campus alumni programs when possible, including Homecoming.

  • Assistance with planning and implementing alumni programs in each member's home area.

  • Service on standing committee(s) of the Board and active participation in the functions of the committees (awards, finance and investment, new directors, planning and membership).

  • Loyalty toward the Board and confidentiality regarding its internal affairs as discussed at Board meetings.

  • Seeking out and encouraging talented alumni for volunteer roles such as the Board of Directors or House of Delegates.

  • Assistance with identifying individuals for the Distinguished Alumni Award and Grizzly of the Last Decade.

  • Service as an ambassador and advocate for the University of Montana. Becoming a representative and spokesperson in each member's local community for the University. Talking with prospective students, meeting with other alumni, communicating with area legislators, attending local alumni events, etc.

  • Assisting the University and the Office of Alumni Relations and Alumni Association in identifying and implementing programming that will enhance the student experience at the University of Montana, thus helping to mold more loyal alumni.

  • Becoming familiar with the programs and activities sponsored, organized, and coordinated by the Office of Alumni Relations and Alumni Association and participating in them to the extent possible. Staying abreast of campus news by reading alumni publications and other University material.

  • Offering ideas to help make the Board of Directors and the Alumni Association more meaningful to the alumni constituency.

  • Helping the Office of Alumni Relations and Alumni Association staff evaluate programs and taking initiative in informing them of opportunities for program development and/or funding.

  • Providing sensitivity and support to staff members and other Board members as they perform their duties.

  • Support the Alumni Association with a personal financial contribution equal to your capacity every year. An annual contribution based on personal means will serve to enhance your support and demonstrate your commitment to the success of the Alumni Association.

Board Liaison:
Jodi Moreau
Direct: 406-243-6124
Toll-free: 1-877-862-5867