Belief and Truth in a Time of Healing

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The end of the pandemic isn't quite in sight yet, but it's never too early to start thinking about the future. Where do we go from here? How do we cope with the change that the pandemic has wrought? The UM Alumni Association's Community Lecture Series will present six of the University of Montana's best lecturers who will address the aftermath of COVID and how society can move forward. They will examine belief and truth in both a pandemic and post-pandemic world. The series will look at belief, truth and healing from physical, mental and emotional perspectives, as well as historical and social points of view.


To follow University and state direction regarding COVID-19, the 2021 Community Lecture Series will be presented online only. Register for the streaming lecture by clicking on the "Register" button below. The lectures will be simultaneously streamed on Facebook Live on the University of Montana Alumni page. The lectures also will be broadcast on MCAT after the conclusion of the series. The MCAT broadcast schedule will be forthcoming. Thank you for your assistance in maintaining health and safety during these challenging times.

February 9
Ashby Kinch
Professor of English Literature
Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Healing through Community in the Face of Death: Lessons from the Black Plague and Its Aftermath

February 16
Annie Belcourt, Ph.D
Department of Pharmacy Practice/School of Public and Community Health Science
Healing Following Trauma: Finding Truth and Meaning in Narratives

February 23
Heather Voorhees
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication Studies
Public Pleas and Family Feuds: The Challenges of Changing Behavior And Maintaining Relationships During a Pandemic

March 2
Lee Banville
Associate Professor
School of Journalism
The Gatekeepers Dilemma: Information Flow in the Pandemic Age

March 9
Jay T. Evans
Research Professor in the Division of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Healing and Modern Medicine After COVID-19

March 16
Luke Conway
Department of Psychology
The Perils of Forced Agreement: Why Americans Were Divided on COVID-19 and What We Should (and Shouldn't) Do About It

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