Community Lecture - Ashby Kinch

Healing through Community in the Face of Death:
Lessons from the Black Plague and Its Aftermath

 Ashby Kinch

Professor of English Literature
Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Ashby has served as an educator, researcher and administrator in the English Department at
the University of Montana since 2003, and has served as Associate Dean of the Graduate School
since 2017. He received his bachelor’s degree from Occidental College ('92) and his master’s
degree and doctorate from the University of Michigan (2000). His teaching areas focus on medieval literature, Chaucer, lyric poetry, art and literature and critical theory. His research interests include Chaucer, medieval lyric, medieval practices of death and dying, medieval visual art, neuroscience and the humanities. He is the author of "Imago Mortis: Mediating Images of Death in Late Medieval Culture" (2013) and editor of “A Cultural History of Death: The Medieval Period (800-1450),” scheduled to be
published this year.