Missoula Community Lecture Series History

2019 – Shoot for the Moon - UM Faculty Exploring the Great Beyond in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Man's First Steps on the Moon.

Anna Klene, "60 Years of NASA and the Atmosphere"

Steve Running, "Did You Know NASA Does Earth Science? A History"

Mike Mayer, "Sputnik and the Launching of the Space Race"

Nancy Hinman, "There's No Place Like Home, Or Is There? Earth and its Neighbor Planets"

Rob Browning, "Science Fiction on the Eve of Apollo 11: The Space Odysseys of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke"

Nate McCrady, "To Infinity and Beyond: The Search for Life Beyond the Solar System"


2018 – Beyond the Headlines - Clearing the Air with Real Evidence

Andrew Larson and Anna Sala, The Inevitability of Wildfires: Fire Ecology and Forest Management

Phil Higuera, The Inevitability of Wildfires: Fire History and the Future of Fire

Brent Ruby and Paul Smith, Wildfire Implications for Firefighter and Community Health

Jordan Gross, Fact, Fiction and Unintended Consequences in Criminal Justice Reform

Dusten Hollist, Making the Case for Evidence-Based Practice in the Montana Juvenile Justice System

Chris Comer, Tom Deluca, Anna Sala, Dane Scott, How Do We Know the Truth When the Evidence is Always Changing? A Panel Discussion


2017 –Health in the New Millennium

Reed Humphrey, Professor and Dean, College of Health Professions and Biological Sciences

Anisa Goforth, Assistant Professor, Psychology and Director of the School of Psychology Graduate Training Programs

Stuart Hall, Professor, Psychology

Bryan Cochran, Professor, Psychology

Brent Ruby, Professor, Health and Human Performance and Director of the Montana Center for Work Physiology and Exercise Metabolism

John C Quindry, Associate Professor, Health and Human Performance


2016 – Making Sense of Ourselves: Answers from the Humanities

Anya Jabour, Professor, History

Benedict Boisseron, Associate Professor, French and Francophone Studies

David Sherman, Professor, Philosophy

Quan Ha, Associate Professor , English

Jillian Campana, Professor, School of Theatre & Dance and Head of the Performance/Practice Program

Ashby Kinch, Professor, English


2015 – Birds: Inside and Out

       six outstanding UM professors and one special guest speaker examine why birds matter

Ken Dial, Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

Bret Tobalske, Associate Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

Creagh Breuner, Associate Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

Dick Hutto, Professor Emeritus, Division of Biological Sciences

Erick Greene, Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

Emily Graslie, UM alum and Host/writer, "The Brain Scoop"


2014 – Western Rivers: Connecting Landscapes & Livelihoods

       six University of Montana faculty members will examine why water matters

Robert Stubblefield, Faculty, Department of English

Rosalyn LaPier, Instructor, Environmental Studies Program

Michelle Bryan Mudd, Professor, School of Law

Bill Woessner, Professor, Department of Geosciences

Lisa Eby, Associate Professor, College of Forestry & Conservation

Marco Maneta, Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences


2013 – Russia on the Oval

       five University of Montana faculty members will examine why Russia matters

Robert Greene, Associate Professor, Department of History

Ona Renner-Fahey, Associate Professor, Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

Clint Walker, Assistant Professor, Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

H. Rafael Chacon,, Professor, School of Arts

Leonid Kalachev, Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences


2012 – Seeking Justice: Hope in Hard Times

       six outstanding UM faculty members who will examine social justice in our time

Dane Scott, Associate Professor, Department of Society and Conservation, College of Forestry & Conservation

Rebecca Bendick, Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences

Dick Barrett, Professor (ret.), Department of Economics

Daisy Rooks, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Neva Hassanein, Professor, Environmental Studies

Jim Burchfield, Dean, College of Forestry & Conservation


2011 – The Beauty of the Brain

       six lectures by five outstanding UM faculty members who will examine the science and evolution of learning

Chris Comer, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Rich Bridges, Professor, Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Sarah Certel, Assistant Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

John Sommers-Flanagan, Associate Professor, Department of Counselor Education

Ashby Kinch, Associate Professor, Department of English


2010 – The Power to Move: Books and Art that Changed Our Lives

       six outstanding UM faculty members who will examine selected books and works of art that changed the way we think and behave

Nathanial Levtow, Assistant Professor, Liberal Studies/Religious Studies

Tobin Shearer, Assistant Professor, Department of History/African-American Studies

Dan Spencer, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies

Jeff Wiltse, Assistant Professor, Department of History

Valerie Hedquist, Associate Professor, Department of Art

James Randall, Assistant Professor, Department of Music


2009 – Hidden Montana Dispelling Myths

       six outstanding UM professors explore unknown and unrevealed stories about Montana

Bill Farr, Professor, History Department

Peggy Kuhr, Dean, Journalism School

Rick Graetz, Senior Lecturer, Geography Department

Jim Lopach, Chair, Political Science Department

David Emmons, Professor Emeritus, History Department

Debra Magpie Earling, Professor, English Department


2008 – Behind the Headlines- Revisited

       three outstanding UM professors presented the first Community Lecture Series in 1998 and will revisit their topics from 10 years ago - issues even more pertinent now than they were before 9-11 and the Iraq war

Paul Lauren, Regents Professor

Richard Drake, Chairman, History Department

Mehrdad Kia, Associate Provost for International Programs


2007 – Ways of Knowing

       explores issues related to spirituality, ourselves, the world around us and how they affect the way we live and the actions we take

Linda Gillison, Professor, Classics (Department of Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures)

Gary Hawk, Adjunct Professor at the Davidson Honors College and School of Education, Counselor Education

Ron Perrin, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Political Theory

John Glendening, Professor, Chair of M.A. & Undergraduate Literature (English Department)

Paul Spruell, Adjunct Lecturer, Division of Biological Sciences

Dan Spencer, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies