2019 Charter Day Award Recipients

The following awards strengthen the message of this day to honor the strong connections between the University community and the Missoula community and reflect the theme of town-gown relationships. Congratulations to this year’s Charter Day award recipients!

Student Service Award

Picture of Tommy Jensen
Tommy Jensen

George M. Dennison
Presidential Faculty Award

John Sommers-Flanagan
John Sommers-Flanagan

George M. Dennison
Presidential Staff Award

Portrait of Hilton 'Skip' Conroy
Hilton 'Skip' Conroy

John Ruffatto
Memorial Award

Michael Braun
Michael Braun

Montana Alumni

Picture of Carl Smart
Carl Smart

Neil S. Bucklew
Presidential Service Award

Picture of Dennis and Gretchen Eck
Dennis and Gretchen Eck

Outstanding Community
Engagement Award

Picture of Rob Tapper
Rob Tapper

Robert T. Pantzer
Presidential Humanitarian Award

Picture of Elizabeth Ametsbichler
Elizabeth Ametsbichler

Tom Boone
Town and Gown Award

Picture of Kathleen 'Annie' Sondag
Kathleen 'Annie' Sondag

President Royce Engstrom
Endowed Prize in
University Citizenship

Picture of Zach Brown
Zach Brown

J.B. Speer Award for Distinguished
Administrative Service

Picture of Lucy France
Lucy T. France