Oval Tree Project

Oval Tree Project: Strengthen Your University of Montana Roots

The University of Montana Alumni Association is pleased to announce a unique opportunity for you to help return the Oval to its historical tree-lined grandeur. This effort to complete the planting of trees around the Oval is designed to both restore the natural beauty of the Oval and to serve as a fundraiser for your Alumni Association. As guardians of the Oval, the trees will beautify and enliven the meeting place at the center of the University community, reestablishing the natural beauty that generations of students, staff, and visitors have come to cherish.

The Alumni Association is offering alumni, family and friends of the University the opportunity to sponsor and dedicate a tree around the Oval. Trees will cost $3500 and payment plans will be available. The trees will represent the honor, support and memories of each supporter, as well as the strength and endurance of their relationship with the University of Montana. Each supporter will be listed on a centrally located plaque and all contributions associated with the purchase of a tree are 100% tax deductible.  

The Oval Tree campaign will kick off in October. We hope you'll take advantage of this rare opportunity to set down roots at the heart of the University of Montana campus. To sponsor a tree on the Oval or to learn more about the Oval Tree campaign, please contact the University of Montana Alumni Association.

The University of Montana Oval  

Three acres of grass and brick paths run east to west in the shape of an oval, marking the traditional center of the University of Montana. Through it, University life passes and thrives. On Arbor Day in 1896, a double row of trees was planted around the Oval, but many of the trees have since died. The Oval Tree Project is an important fundraiser to help replant the Oval with new trees such as Green Mountain sugar maple, red oak and/ or bur Oak and restore the Oval to its original beauty. Any additional proceeds from the project will benefit the University of Montana Alumni Association. The Alumni Association plays an integral role in the success and viability of the University of Montana by funding scholarships for deserving legacy students, sponsoring alumni programs and events that connect alumni with each other and their alma mater, and assisting the University’s legislative advocacy efforts through board-driven volunteer efforts to gain support for higher education throughout the State.

Be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and help restore the Oval trees.


Frequently asked questions about the Oval Tree Project