Tobin Shearer

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February 25

Tobin Shearer | Director, African-American Studies
"Trains, Dolls, and Demands on the Devil: The Precarious Position of Minority Rights"

Tobin Miller Shearer is the director of the African-American Studies program at UM and a professor of history. He conducts research into the history of race and religion in the United States with a particular emphasis on prayer, the civil rights movement and white identity. He recently was named a Montana University System Teaching Scholar by the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education for developing high-impact teaching practices for student success and serving as an excellent model for others in higher education.

Professor Shearer's lecture takes a look at the precarious position of minority rights by examining the 1896 Plessy Vs. Ferguson and the 1954 Brown vs. Board of education rulings and their legacies going forward.