Phil Higuera - February 27

Phil Higuera

The Inevitability of Wildfires: Fire History and the Future of Fire

Synopsis: This lecture will highlight how our understanding of fire history, from the past several decades to the past 10,000 years, helps provide important context for understanding contemporary wildfires and fire seasons like 2017. The lecture will focus on how we learn about wildfires in the past, what we have learned and what this evidence suggests about the future of wildfires in the western U.S. and beyond.

Philip Higuera is an associate professor of fire ecology and the director of the PaleoEcology and Fire Ecology Lab at UM. Research in his lab focuses on understanding the interactions among climate, vegetation and wildfires, over a range of time spans, in the past, present and future. His work and the work of his lab members help reveal patterns and processes unobservable over human life spans, providing context for ongoing environmental change and helping anticipate the consequences of future environmental change.