Kathy Kuipers

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March 17

Kathy Kuipers | Associate Professor, Sociology
"Who am I? Sorting Out American Identity"

Kathy Kuipers is an associate professor, director of Graduate Studies and former chair in the Department of Sociology. She also is affiliated with the Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at UM and teaches various courses centered around inequality and social justice, gender and social psychology. Kuipers received recognition for mentoring Native American students in 2015 and earned the 2017 William Reynolds Award from the College of Humanities and Sciences at UM for excellence in teaching across the curriculum. Her scholarly articles have appeared in national sociological journals, and she supervises the Social Psychology Research Group, a faculty and student workshop on grants and research. Kuipers is active in the Pacific Sociological Association and was elected vice president of the PSA for 2018-19.