Brent Ruby - April 24 and 29

Head shot of Brent Ruby

Technology Advancements in Fitness and Performance

Synopsis: This talk will focus on the highs and lows of human endeavors and the extent to which scientists and clinicians attempt to measure performance.  Although typical measures can be conducted in the laboratory, Dr. Ruby and his team insist that research needs to be done in the real world.  While the "wearable" marketplace has grown, there are limitations in the present technologies and what they can measure accurately.  These limitations will be discussed along with potential next steps and strategies.  Drawing on 25 years of laboratory and aggressive field research chasing ultra athletes, wildland firefighters and US Special Ops soldiers, Dr. Ruby will provide a wide range of how Montana is on the forefront of this technology.

Brent Ruby is a professor of health and human performance at UM and the director of the Montana Center for Work Physiology and Exercise Metabolism. Ruby and his team seek to define how much the human body can endure and use those results to ensure safety and performance in tough work environments such as special military operations, wild land firefighting and other ultra-endurance settings. They work to find remedies to reduce fatigue, overheating and other occupational risks. Their findings may offer changes in training procedures or supplemental feeding regimens. Ruby is also interested in harnessing the potential capabilities of physiological monitors and wearables for the collection of data in unique environments.