Missoula Community Lecture Series History

2019 – Shoot for the Moon - UM Faculty Exploring the Great Beyond in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Man's First Steps on the Moon.

  • Anna Klene, "60 Years of NASA and the Atmosphere"

  • Steve Running, "Did You Know NASA Does Earth Science? A History"

  • Mike Mayer, "Sputnik and the Launching of the Space Race"

  • Nancy Hinman, "There's No Place Like Home, Or Is There? Earth and its Neighbor Planets"

  • Rob Browning, "Science Fiction on the Eve of Apollo 11: The Space Odysseys of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke"

  • Nate McCrady, "To Infinity and Beyond: The Search for Life Beyond the Solar System"

2018 – Beyond the Headlines - Clearing the Air with Real Evidence

  • Andrew Larson and Anna Sala, The Inevitability of Wildfires: Fire Ecology and Forest Management

  • Phil Higuera, The Inevitability of Wildfires: Fire History and the Future of Fire

  • Brent Ruby and Paul Smith, Wildfire Implications for Firefighter and Community Health

  • Jordan Gross, Fact, Fiction and Unintended Consequences in Criminal Justice Reform

  • Dusten Hollist, Making the Case for Evidence-Based Practice in the Montana Juvenile Justice System

  • Chris Comer, Tom Deluca, Anna Sala, Dane Scott, How Do We Know the Truth When the Evidence is Always Changing? A Panel Discussion

2017 –Health in the New Millennium

  • Reed Humphrey, Professor and Dean, College of Health Professions and Biological Sciences

  • Anisa Goforth, Assistant Professor, Psychology and Director of the School of Psychology Graduate Training Programs

  • Stuart Hall, Professor, Psychology

  • Bryan Cochran, Professor, Psychology

  • Brent Ruby, Professor, Health and Human Performance and Director of the Montana Center for Work Physiology and Exercise Metabolism

  • John C Quindry, Associate Professor, Health and Human Performance

2016 – Making Sense of Ourselves: Answers from the Humanities

  • Anya Jabour, Professor, History

  • Benedict Boisseron, Associate Professor, French and Francophone Studies

  • David Sherman, Professor, Philosophy

  • Quan Ha, Associate Professor , English

  • Jillian Campana, Professor, School of Theatre & Dance and Head of the Performance/Practice Program

  • Ashby Kinch, Professor, English

2015 – Birds: Inside and Out

       six outstanding UM professors and one special guest speaker examine why birds matter

  • Ken Dial, Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

  • Bret Tobalske, Associate Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

  • Creagh Breuner, Associate Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

  • Dick Hutto, Professor Emeritus, Division of Biological Sciences

  • Erick Greene, Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

  • Emily Graslie, UM alum and Host/writer, "The Brain Scoop"

2014 – Western Rivers: Connecting Landscapes & Livelihoods

       six University of Montana faculty members will examine why water matters

  • Robert Stubblefield, Faculty, Department of English

  • Rosalyn LaPier, Instructor, Environmental Studies Program

  • Michelle Bryan Mudd, Professor, School of Law

  • Bill Woessner, Professor, Department of Geosciences

  • Lisa Eby, Associate Professor, College of Forestry & Conservation

  • Marco Maneta, Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences

2013 – Russia on the Oval

       five University of Montana faculty members will examine why Russia matters

  • Robert Greene, Associate Professor, Department of History

  • Ona Renner-Fahey, Associate Professor, Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

  • Clint Walker, Assistant Professor, Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

  • H. Rafael Chacon,, Professor, School of Arts

  • Leonid Kalachev, Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences

2012 – Seeking Justice: Hope in Hard Times

       six outstanding UM faculty members who will examine social justice in our time

  • Dane Scott, Associate Professor, Department of Society and Conservation, College of Forestry & Conservation

  • Rebecca Bendick, Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences

  • Dick Barrett, Professor (ret.), Department of Economics

  • Daisy Rooks, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

  • Neva Hassanein, Professor, Environmental Studies

  • Jim Burchfield, Dean, College of Forestry & Conservation

2011 – The Beauty of the Brain

       six lectures by five outstanding UM faculty members who will examine the science and evolution of learning

  • Chris Comer, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

  • Rich Bridges, Professor, Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Sarah Certel, Assistant Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

  • John Sommers-Flanagan, Associate Professor, Department of Counselor Education

  • Ashby Kinch, Associate Professor, Department of English

2010 – The Power to Move: Books and Art that Changed Our Lives

       six outstanding UM faculty members who will examine selected books and works of art that changed the way we think and behave

  • Nathanial Levtow, Assistant Professor, Liberal Studies/Religious Studies

  • Tobin Shearer, Assistant Professor, Department of History/African-American Studies

  • Dan Spencer, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies

  • Jeff Wiltse, Assistant Professor, Department of History

  • Valerie Hedquist, Associate Professor, Department of Art

  • James Randall, Assistant Professor, Department of Music

2009 – Hidden Montana Dispelling Myths

       six outstanding UM professors explore unknown and unrevealed stories about Montana

  • Bill Farr, Professor, History Department

  • Peggy Kuhr, Dean, Journalism School

  • Rick Graetz, Senior Lecturer, Geography Department

  • Jim Lopach, Chair, Political Science Department

  • David Emmons, Professor Emeritus, History Department

  • Debra Magpie Earling, Professor, English Department

2008 – Behind the Headlines- Revisited

       three outstanding UM professors presented the first Community Lecture Series in 1998 and will revisit their topics from 10 years ago - issues even more pertinent now than they were before 9-11 and the Iraq war

  • Paul Lauren, Regents Professor

  • Richard Drake, Chairman, History Department

  • Mehrdad Kia, Associate Provost for International Programs

2007 – Ways of Knowing

       explores issues related to spirituality, ourselves, the world around us and how they affect the way we live and the actions we take

  • Linda Gillison, Professor, Classics (Department of Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures)

  • Gary Hawk, Adjunct Professor at the Davidson Honors College and School of Education, Counselor Education

  • Ron Perrin, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Political Theory

  • John Glendening, Professor, Chair of M.A. & Undergraduate Literature (English Department)

  • Paul Spruell, Adjunct Lecturer, Division of Biological Sciences

  • Dan Spencer, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies