UMAA's Community Lecture Series 2016

Making Sense of Ourselves: Answers from the Humanities
Alumni Association Community Lecture Series 2016
Featuring University of Montana Faculty in the Humanities

Community Lecture Series is now on MCAT

UMAA’s Community Lecture Series 2016 “Making Sense of Ourselves: Answers from the Humanities” will air on MCAT Tuesdays at p.m. and repeating Saturdays at 8:30 p.m., beginning April 12 and 16. The six lectures will air each week at these times. The series will be broadcast on MCAT, channel 189 for cable subscribers and webcast at

April 12 & 16: Anya Jabour
“Making Meaning of Memories”
The Life of Activist Sophonisba Breckinridge
An activist’s fragmentary memoirs illustrate her dedication to Progressive Era

April 19 & 23: Benedicte Boisseron
“The Naked Truth”
Shame in Animal Studies and Black Studies
Exploring shame and self-consciousness as experienced in human relationships with animals

April 26 & 30: David Sherman
“Justice in Motion”
The Evolution of a Complex Concept
How can we define “justice” when it consists of many conflicting elements and our conception of it seems to change over time? Can “justice be grounded if its elements conflict and our conception of it evolves?

May 3 & 7: Quan Ha
“Vietnam War”
Literature & the Politics of Remembrance
Issues with remembering the conflict only from the American angle

May 10 & 14: Jillian Campana
“Rehearsing for Reality:”
Building Empathy by Exploring Another
Using acting and role-play to cultivate empathy

May 17 & 21: Ashby Kinch, Moderator
“Making Sense of It All”
Why the Humanities Matter More Than Ever
Panel Discussion on the Past, Present and Future of Humanities