Peter Breigenzer

Head shot of Peter Breigenzer

Bio: Peter Breigenzer graduated from UM in autumn 2016 with a double degree in Organismal Biology & Ecology and Environmental Studies. He was a Presidential Leadership Scholar and was a member of the University of Montana Wilderness Association and 1000 New Gardens. His future plans include attending graduate school for evolutionary biology and traveling as much as possible. 

Thank you: I would like to thank all of the people that taught me that true service is fueled by passion. Several UM faculty and staff, including Vicki Watson, Dan Spencer and Lila Fishman, encouraged me to engage with my community and exemplified their teachings through their actions. I would also like to thank leaders of local organizations who emphasized to me the importance of building community through connection to our local lands, including Zack Porter, Joshua Lisbon and Coby Gierke.