Mickey Sogard

Picture of Mickey SogardBio: Mickey Sogard graduated from UM with a German degree in 1968 and received a Fulbright Scholarship for a year’s study in Germany. Upon her return, she earned her master’s degree in German from the University of Colorado and her MBA from UM. She has worked with nonprofit organizations for most of her life, serving on and chairing several boards. Her service to the University includes chairing the UM Foundation Board of Trustees and helping lead the Invest in Discovery capital campaign. She currently serves on the advisory boards for the Flathead Lake Biological Station and the Davidson Honors College and also chairs the DHC Campaign Committee.

Thank you: “My association with the University of Montana has always been a pleasure. With a firm belief in the value of education both to the individual and to society, I see a strong and vibrant UM as an important contributor to the future of this state. 

Although UM is currently experiencing challenges, my experience is that there is still amazing work occurring throughout the university. At the two units with which I currently serve, the Flathead Lake Biological Station and the Davidson Honors College, I see dedicated faculty and staff working every day to improve the student experience and build a better university. I know this extends to other units as well, and I greatly admire those dedicated individuals. 

Much of my energy has been devoted to working with the many volunteers who unselfishly give of their time and talents serving with the UM Foundation, the Alumni Association, unit advisory boards, and other volunteer groups associated with this university and with their staffs. They serve because they care, and many have been an ongoing source of inspiration and friendship along the way. 

As the first in my family to attend college, I benefited greatly from having a scholarship. My husband, Jeff, and I are now particularly interested in helping Montana students with financial need finish their education, as we are learning that there are many students who for want of rather small amounts of funding might drop out, but who, with some financial aid and encouragement, can succeed.  

Thank you, UM Foundation, for this wonderful honor. I am deeply appreciative.”