Steve Schwarze

Steve-Schwarze-bw.jpgSteve Schwarze is a professor in UM’s Department of Communication Studies who researches environmental rhetoric and teaches courses in public speaking, argumentation, environmental controversy, and consumption and climate change. He has published scholarly work on the public discourse surrounding asbestos exposure in Libby, management controversies in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and coal industry rhetorical strategies. He’s won numerous environmental communication awards for his work, most recently for his co-authored book “Under Pressure: Coal Industry Rhetoric and Neoliberalism in 2016.” He’s received the Helen and Winston Cox Educational Excellence Award from the College of Humanities & Sciences. He served as department chair from 2010-2016, led the University’s Green Thread faculty workshop on sustainability and served on the APASP Task Force. 

Thank you: “It is indeed an honor to receive the Pantzer Award. I am grateful for the many colleagues and students across campus who took the time and effort to nominate me for this tremendous award. Their words have reminded me of the importance of small, everyday interactions in making UM a humane environment in which to work and learn. I’m especially inspired by what I have learned about Bob Pantzer. He stuck his neck out to defend an expansive concept of academic freedom at a time when the Board of Regents and the public were questioning what was being taught in UM classrooms. He wrote: ‘The college student can only mature and gain a broad education by grappling with the strange, the bizarre, the unusual and the full breadth of human knowledge, though some of that will be repugnant to many.’ The fact that UM offers this award is a testament to the very idea of the university, and while I am grateful and humbled to receive the award this year, I hope its existence reminds all of us what a great university can and should be.”