Kelsey Stamm Jimenez

Head shot of Justin AngleKelsey Stamm Jimenez is the program manager at the Mansfield Center, where she is in charge of international exchange programs. These programs connect students and professionals throughout Montana with youth and leaders from Southeast Asia and around the world, all in an effort to advance mutual understanding through people-to-people relationships. With an undergraduate degree from Montana State University and master’s from UM, Kelsey has worked in international relations and development for over 10 years. Her start in international work began with service as a Peace Corps volunteer in El Salvador and continued in Missoula while she worked for an international nonprofit to empower youth through conservation science. She serves on the board of directors for Soft Landing Missoula and Education Northwest.

Thank you: “This award is really a result of an incredible community of people who have been strong supporters of me and this work. First and foremost, thanks go to my parents for always volunteering for tasks big and small and lending a helping hand, no matter how strange my request! My partner and husband, Ben, has been an unfailing source of support over the years, taking care of house and home when travel took me far away for long periods of time, being a listener while also giving me constructive advice to consider, and understanding that passion for this work often comes with long hours and hectic schedules. And, international exchange in Montana would not be possible without the hundreds of Montanans who believe in its value, thereby enthusiastically investing their time, care and talents in this work. The University of Montana is a community of these dedicated people, and I am proud that these programs are housed at UM, where people truly believe in diversity, service and building bridges between peoples, cultures and countries. I am fortunate to have amazing colleagues at the Mansfield Center who work tirelessly to this end. Last but not least, my colleague and mentor, Deena Mansour: I would not be where I am today without her steady leadership, inspiration, guidance and humor. She has taught me a great deal about international exchange and diplomacy, and I have the utmost gratitude for her and her support.”