Beth Dodson

Portrait of Beth Dodson

Beth Dodson is an associate professor of integrated natural resource in UM’s Franke College of Forestry & Conservation. While earning a graduate degree and serving on the forest engineering faculty at Oregon State University, she was part-owner of a logging and forest consulting company. This experience highlighted how little traditional forestry programs cover the basics necessary to succeed in the timber industry, which now influences her research and teaching in forest operations and planning at UM. She relies on Montana timber industry partners to help provide students with opportunities to discover how theory applies to practice. In turn, relationships with industry professionals and constant contact with forest managers and practitioners allows her to keep her course content current and relevant.

Thank you: “First and foremost, I wish to thank the countless natural resource professionals who have interacted with my classes and students over the years, from allowing us to visit your job sites to coming into the classroom. I have never had a Montana forester or logger turn down a request to interact with my students; in fact, many now call me. My teaching and, more importantly, the experience and preparedness of my students, is far better for it! To the entire Montana forest products industry – thank you. 

To my family and colleagues, I thank you for your patience and recognition that this style of teaching is time consuming, often messy, but well worth the effort. 

And finally, I need to thank my students over the years for their enthusiasm, dedication to learning and their chosen careers, and patience as field trips don’t always go as planned. You and your futures are the reason I do what I do.”