The Office of Alumni Relations and Alumni Association Staff

UMAA Staff
From Left to right: 
Molly Fishburn-Matthew, Nikita Redfox, Mark Lannen, Allison Franz, Jodi Johnson Moreau,
Angela Weisenburger, Carrie Enyeart, Karen Kracher Dykstra

Picture of Alison Franz

Name: Allison Franz

Position: Writer/Editor

Hometown: Helena

Education: B.A. journalism 2007, UM

Family: Husband, Zach ('07, J.D. '12); daughter, Lily (UM class of 2037); bunny, Pancake

Hobbies: Running, blogging, reading, cooking, chasing around Missoula's Most Rambunctious Toddler

Favorite part of working for Alumni Relations: I love writing class notes for the About Alumni section of the Montanan and helping spread the word about all the amazing things UM alumni are doing in the world!

Picture of Angela Weisenburger

Name: Angela (Angie) Weisenburger

Position: On-campus events coordinator (formerly interactive media coordinator and administrative associate)

Hometown: Eugene, Ore.

Education: B.A. English 1992, University of Oregon

Family: Husband, Tim ('96 forestry); son, Kyle (UM class of 2020); daughters, Alex (junior, Florence-Carlton High School and competitive shooter with Hellgate Rifle Team) and Sara (freshman, FCHS); 12-year-old cat, CCKitty; 10-year-old pup, Lucy

Hobbies: Crafting, baking, scrapbooking, running, reading, and college football, basketball and softball (Go Ducks! Go Griz!)

Favorite part of working for Alumni Relations: I love seeing the enjoyment of our returning alums when they’re back on campus for Homecoming or their reunions. Hearing their stories and seeing photos or memorabilia from years ago is fascinating to me. I also love to see the connections between this relatively small community and university and the bigger world. It constantly amazes me to see how small the world really is and how something or someone’s life intersects with other things and other people.

Picture of Autumn Drake

Name: Autumn Drake

Position: Alumni Relations Intern

Hometown: Boise, Idaho 

Family: Best Friends with my mom and I get my humor from my dad, I have two sisters who are older than me, and I also have two new baby nephews who I love to death

Hobbies: Exploring Montana, skiing, fishing, horseback riding, painting, violin, and shopping

Favorite part of working for Alumni Relations: My coworkers aren’t just people I work with, they are family.   

Picture of Carrie Enyeart

Name: Carrie Enyeart

Position: Database support specialist

Hometown: Garrison, N.D.

Education: B.A. home economics and B.S. business administration, UM

Family: Husband, Patrick; daughter, Rivers (Hellgate H.S. Class of 2019)

Hobbies: (TBD in 2019)

Favorite part of working for Alumni Relations: I love meeting our alumni and friends! I enjoy listening to their stories about the time they spent at UM.

Picture of Jodi Moreau

Name: Jodi Johnson Moreau

Position: Outreach coordinator/board liaison

Hometown: Missoula

Education: Alum of two Montana universities :)

Family: Son (Keenan) who lives in Oregon, Daughter (Hannah) a senior here at UM: mom, brother and his family - all live in Missoula. Juice the cat and Teddy and Mae, my grand-dogs.

Hobbies: Sports - anything Griz-related and fall baseball are big in my book; cooking, reading and my continued search for the perfect Malbec.

Favorite part of working for Alumni Relations: Working with the best team on campus and interacting with our terrific alumni. Homecoming and spring reunions are my favorite times of the year.

Picture of Karen Dykstra

Name: Karen Kracher Dykstra

Position: Interim director of Alumni Relations, president and CEO of UMAA

Hometown: Wise River

Education: B.A. sociology (criminology emphasis) 1978, UM

Family: Husband, Paul, sons Matthew and Chad

Hobbies: Golf, hiking, cooking, skiing, cheering for the Griz, going to any kind of sporting event

Favorite part of working for Alumni Relations: Being part of a great team while meeting alumni from all walks of life.  

Picture of Mark Lannen

Name: Mark Lannen

Position: Interactive media coordinator

Hometown: Billings

Education: B.A. liberal studies (Asian Humanities emphasis) 1997, UM

Family: Wife, Shuddhabha

Hobbies: Photography, hiking, camping, reading history

Favorite part of working for Alumni Relations: I love that I work on a university campus with all the diverse faculty, students and staff that make up this great community. 

Picture of Molly Fishburn-Matthew

Name: Molly Fishburn-Matthew

Position: Assistant director/database manager

Hometown: Trout Creek

Education: B.A. social work 2011, M.P.A. 2014

Hobbies: Reading, crafting, hanging out with my dog, and binge watching TV shows

Favorite part of working for Alumni Relations: The interactions we get to have with alumni who stop by the office to look through old Sentinels or who want to reconnect with their former classmates. 

Picture of Nikita Redfox

Name: Nikita Redfox

Position: Administrative associate

Hometown: Lame Deer

Education: B.S. health and human performance 2011, UM

Family: Husband, Robby (veteran and current UM student); five children

Hobbies: CrossFit, gardening, learning about essential oils

Favorite part of working for Alumni Relations: I love meeting our alumni and friends! I enjoy listening to their stories about the time they spent at UM.