The Office of Alumni Relations and Alumni Association Staff

UMAA Staff
Susan Cuff, Allison Franz, Carrie Enyeart, Jodi Moreau
Middle: Nikita Redfox, Molly Fishburn-Matthew, Angela Weisenburger
Bill Johnston, Tyson Parman

Angela Weisenburger, On-Campus Events Coordinator

Bill Johnston, Director, President and CEO of Alumni Association

Carrie Enyeart, Database Support Specialist

Grant Martin , Student Employee (not pictured)

Raelin Jaqueth, Student Intern (not pictured)

Jodi Johnson Moreau, Board Liaison/Off-Campus Events Coordinator

Molly Fishburn-Matthew, Database Manager

Nikita Redfox, Administrative Assistant

Susan Cuff, Associate Director

Tyson Parman, Interactive Media Coordinator