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House of Delegates

House of Delegates at the 2013 Leadership Session in Missoula

House of Delegates 2013

Front Row: Shelley Bell; 2nd Row (left to right): Nancy Coffee, Polly Eames, Larry Bell, Donna Hamor, Clark Hamor,
Diane Mondell, Jennine Budge, Karen Irwin; 3rd Row (left to right): Alison Fuller, John Coffee, Ira Robison,
Sarah Truman, Michelle Willits, Paula Wilmot, Joni Walker, Danette Stephens, John Zaugra, Rod Mackenzie,
Patty Holmes Myers, 4th Row (left to right): Philip Doty, Roy Korkalo, Greg Higle, Leonard Deppmeier, Jan Harms,
Mike Duffield, Connie Corette Kenney, Nikki Carelli, Kay Bollinger, Jason Magera, Marci Bough, Bob Graham,
Rich Magera; 5th Row (left to right): Wayne Harper, Peter Lofuts

The House of Delegates consists of alumni representatives from across the United States and Canada who advise and assist the Alumni Association in its outreach programs. Delegates may assist with recruiting new students to the University, fundraising and legislative relations. Each spring, new delegates are chosen with the approval of the Board of Directors. Delegates serve three-year terms and have the option of becoming an emeritus member at the end of their three-year commitment. Delegates are invited to attend the annual delegates' meeting held in Missoula at Homecoming each fall.

Examples of Volunteer Activities

  • Assist the Alumni office and other delegates in your area in planning and organizing alumni or University events when needed.

  • Review your district lists of alumni in your area provided by UMAA (during the Leadership Session). Check for obvious errors and alert the Alumni office, adding business information wherever possible. Ask for business cards of alumni you meet and send them to the Alumni office.

  • Assist with the Ask-An-Alum career mentoring program.

  • Help identify and recruit prospective students of the University of Montana.

  • Observe local newspapers for news about UM alumni. Inform the Alumni office and send congratulatory notes on your own behalf and that of UMAA.

  • Indicate to UMAA if you are interested in serving on other University boards or advisory councils. Most professional schools and colleges on campus have groups similar to the House of Delegates and the UMAA Board of Directors. UMAA will refer your name to the appropriate academic office if you are interested.

  • Identify and nominate individuals to join the House of Delegates. You will be advised by the Alumni office when names are needed. The Alumni office staff will forward your recommendations to the UMAA Board of Directors for selection of the next class of delegates.

Contact the HOD Liaison:
Lexy Fisher
Toll-free: 1-877-862-5867